WV Statewide Rail Plan

The Statewide Rail Plan is the West Virginia's Department of Transportation's (WVDOT) plan for the future of freight and passenger service in the State. The Plan is an important first step in charting a direction for freight and passenger rail in the State for the next 20 - 30 years.

The planning process was initiated in June of 2012 and is expected to produce a Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA) compliant plan by the summer of 2013. This plan will be a comprehensive look at West Virginia's rail freight and passenger systems. As part of the project plan visions and goals were developed by working with a steering committee which includes representatives from various agencies with a major vested interest in rail transportation and will include representation of all transportation modes, other agencies with major vested interest in transportation (WV Rail Authority, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), private railroad companies, Amtrak, Regional Planning and Development Councils, etc.).

The State Rail Plan is required for WV to be eligible for existing and prospective federal rail financial assistance. To ensure that the study is as comprehensive as possible and is looking at issues that are important to transportation decision makers in West Virginia. Two rounds of eight public meetings will be conducted during the plan development process.